🌱Founders and Company History

Explore the story behind InspireIP, founded by Caroline Nunes and Romain Lombardo in 2020

Caroline Nunes and Romain Lombardo are the masterminds behind InspireIP. Caroline, a specialist in Intellectual Property Law, returned from her master's degree in California and immediately identified the potential of blockchain technology to optimize the IP registration process. Romain, a master in econometrics and a leading blockchain professor, shared her vision, and together they founded InspireIP in 2020.

Their audacious objective was to create a platform that offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional IP registration methods. By leveraging the Polygon blockchain network, InspireIP has revolutionized the way individuals and organizations register and manage their intellectual property. The platform has rapidly gained recognition and has secured partnerships with prominent clients such as the Sistema Brasileiro de TelevisΓ£o (SBT) and the Association of Advertising Professionals (APP).

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